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Steel Panther

Steel Panther was something that I would first come across in 2010, but were dismissed at first. It wouldn’t be until December of 2011 that I would be able to appreciate Steel Panther for everything it is. Steel Panther is a band which lifts my spirits, makes me happy, and holds one hell of a party.

As I said, I’d first heard the band back in 2010, and like many others, the first song I heard was Death To All But Metal. I wasn’t all that impressed with it. Songs that bag on other bands aren’t really my thing, and it turns out that Death To All But Metal is just one of those songs that I’m not overly fond of anyway. So, I dismissed them as another band like Bowling For Soup which had long since annoyed me.

On December 11, 2011, I was going to see Def Leppard play a show with Motley Crue in Manchester for Nikki Sixx’s birthday. I’d been told a little while before that Steel Panther would be taking the opening slot. Not wanting to be one of those people who just stands there and does nothing during the support act, I downloaded some Steel Panther songs and listened to them non-stop in the week running up to the show. Thank God that I did, because I wouldn’t have known that I just didn’t like that one song.

Their live shows are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. They are the band that puts everything they have into their shows and they enjoy playing them. The amount of pure energy these four guys put into their music; wow, it gets the crowd moving and puts people on such a massive high that it’s like going to a crazy party and getting drunk and stoned all night. All three times I’ve seen them have been completely off the scale; they’ve been such a tight band, a well oiled machine (or well lubed sex toy, whichever metaphor you want to use), that you can’t help but shake that ass, or get your tits out for Satchel… 

On November 10, 2012, I have the absolute pleasure of meeting the guys backstage after a show in Manchester. Let me tell you now, you will never meet a nicer, more genuine group of lads. They’re so appreciative of their fans for getting their records, tickets to their shows, and for waiting outside the venue in the cold to see them after the show. So much so that I’m convinced they break their character sometimes when they talk to fans. I love that even though they’re exploding all over the music scene right now, they don’t forget about the fans that got them there and the people that support them.

Some people may be thinking “Psh, Steel Panther doesn’t have any deep meaning to their songs, why does this chick love them so much?”. Well, I’ll tell you why. Steel Panther is all about forgetting all of the bad times going on in life (if only for a while) and enjoying yourself, whether you’re partying with some amazing people in one of their shows, or if you’re by yourself in your bedroom with a hairbrush and a mirror. They’re a band that you just let loose to, let go of all your hang-ups and just party. That’s just what most people need, an excuse to let go for a while.

To be honest, I think the scene is missing bands that don’t take themselves so seriously, and it’s so refreshing to have them around. You can tell that these guys love what they do, and put their all into it so they can enjoy it, and share the enjoyment with us. For so many bands, that initial excitement has been replaced for the need to make money, the need to generate the largest fan base on Earth, so much so that it consumes them. With Steel Panther, none of that seems to matter, the guys are happy as long as their music is enjoyed, and they can come out and party with their fans.