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Motley Crue :D

In the grand scheme of things; I discovered Motley Crue a little late in life, at least compared to other people. I don’t regret finding out about them when I did, of course not, but I do sometimes wish that I’d found out about them a little bit sooner than I had. They’ve been in my life since I was sixteen. The story of how I discovered them is actually rather boring.

At the time, I was studying Music Production at college. While at home from college, I’d turned on VH1 Classic in an attempt to cleanse myself from all the trance and house music I’d been working with. Due to the course I was taking, and the people on it in part, I’d become quite disillusioned with music. I didn’t want to constantly listen to the same tempo of mind numbing dub step so full of badly tuned bass that it split speakers. God no. I craved something sleazy and full of raging testosterone. Seconds after hearing the revving of a motorbike… I found my sleaze.

I wasn’t too keen on Girls Girls Girls once Vince started singing, but I’ll tell you why I carried on watching; Nikki and Vince were hot. Oh no, I’m going to be murdered by people who think that I’m a poser because I watched a music video that had hot men in it. Oh dear. So I stuck around to the end and made a note of the band; Motley Crue. Heading to YouTube to find some more songs by them, I found Kickstart My Head: the song that got me so hooked on the band. I listened to the song and, as they say, the rest was history.

In the beginning, I did think that Crue was going to be just another band that I would like to listen to on occasion and nothing more would really come of it. However, with the purchase of The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx, I would be proved wrong. Reading the book for the first time, brewed a while new respect for the band. How many people do you know that have come through various addictions and survived it? Reading the books that the guys have put out (Yes, Tattoos and Tequila killed my brain) only seemed to build on that respect (Tattoos and Tequila… not so much).

Motley Crue is a band that I can not only relate to in many ways because of things that have happened to me in the past, but it’s one that I can learn from as well. I’m not the only person striving to make something of themselves, to better themselves. I know that in order to live life for what it is, you need to appreciate what you have, make it work for you, and push yourself to the limitations of what you know you can do, even if you fail.

I dedicated my first tattoo to them. I have “It’s Only Life” from their song Afraid on my left wrist. Why? For me, it feels like the song that describes me the most; my fear of doing something new or of moving on from things that have happened, and the frustration I know I breed within others. Why that line? Well, it’s a motivational tool to help me stop self-harming. When things aren’t going particularly well - It’s only life. Shit happens. Also, think about it, what is there to be afraid of out there? The only thing waiting outside of this is my life, waiting to be lived. Crue taught me to not be afraid, to live my life, and I have every intention of doing so.