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It’s sometimes a little hard to write about what Queen’s music has done for me throughout my life, purely because the love that I have for them is so intense that I can’t really describe it. The band has been in my life for over twenty years, and it’s been a love affair like no other.

I will always remember the first time I heard Queen, but I will also always wish that it was under better circumstances. It was November 24, 1991, and the world was reeling from the news of Freddie Mercury’s tragic death. That night, my dad came home from work completely devastated. Aside from ZZTop, Queen are his favourite band. Like me with Motley Crue, he can talk for hours about why he loves their music and the memories that they’ve given him. Freddie was, and still is, my dad’s hero.

I remember my dad walking into the living room where I was playing with a  bunch of toys and opening a box of cassette tapes he used to own. He pulled out a single tape, looking at it for a moment, before putting it into the stereo. A few seconds later, after a small crackle, it came;

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

To be honest, I can’t even begin to describe what it was like when I heard Freddie’s voice for the first time. My dad tells me that I dropped the toys I was playing with and just stares at the stereo, in awe of what was coming out of it. He also says that that was the moment I decided that I liked rock music. Well, not wrong there.

The way I feel about Queen is something that I can’t go into without crying, or at least getting a lump in my throat. To have them come into my life so early on… I know that I was spoiled. There’s never going to be another band like Queen, though many have tried. There will be another voice like Freddie’s, though many people try to sing Queen songs with the bravado that he had - to me, they always fall flat because they don’t have the spark, they’re not the complete package. As long as I live, I will never love a vocalist as much as I love Freddie.

Queen has shown me that music was and should still be a movement, a revolution, something which is mean to rock you to your very core. It’s not supposed to be a secondary activity, like so many people claim that it is now. Music was made to move you to tears of sadness and of joy, plant a smile on your face, make you so full of rage that you need to punch someone in the face… or even make you fall in love. Without even seeing a live show, Queen taught me the most important thing that I will ever learn in this life; all art forms are a visual or aural representation for the emotions which you can’t express in a normal manner. That’s why it is so beautiful.