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1. If you had to kill one of the member’s of The Shield, who would it be? (This one is going to be interesting… MUAHAHAHA!)
I don’t want to be killing any of my Shield bbs! They’re too pretty to die. For the sake of having to though? Seth probably. Brother needs to learn that he can’t be putting other brothers’ heads through a pile of cinder blocks.

2. What would be the song of your entrance theme?
Either Fight Song by Methods of Mayhem OR Brides of Fire by Fozzy.

3. Which moment was worse to you? Undertaker’s loss at Wrestlemania or Seth turning on The Shield?
Taker’s loss at WM - without shadow of a doubt.
Factions come and go as we’ve seen with DX, The Four Horsemen, Legacy etc, but The Streak? That was meant to last forever. That was our constant in wrestling. Undertaker’s gonna come and be badass, murder some guy in the ring, The Streak continues for another billion years, and everyone’s happy. However, I get that it had to end eventually. My sore point with it is Brock Lesnar. Look at the roster before Lesnar came back and you’ll see a couple guys who would have been more than capable of ending the Streak, guys who would have worked their asses off day in and day out, guys who probably deserved it. The fact that Lesnar is a part time guy and has no real enthusiasm for the WWE is essentially a slap in the face to The Streak and everything it kinda stood for. In an ideal world, I would have had Shawn end it, whether he wanted to or not.

4. What was your favorite moment starting after Wrestlemania 30?
Shield vs. Evolution at Payback then Dean vs. Seth at Summerslam.

5. With any feud that you have seen in the ring, who do you think has the most chemistry?
Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Best friends make the best feuds, I find.

6. Who is your favorite WWE Diva (current)?
Either Paige or Naomi.

7. Who would you (or would’ve) like to see as Divas Champion? Why? (It has to be someone who hasn’t had to title yet, fired or still working.)
Naomi. She is a fucking badass in that ring, but I don’t see WWE letting her be champion for a long time, if ever.

8. Who do you think should be moved up from NXT to the main roster?
Adrian Neville

9. If you had a storyline with a wrestler, who would it be and how would it go?
Man, I’d go for Steph, have to. I’d come in and get this group together to rival the Authority (with me as the head), and everyone would go at it for ages culminating with me vs. Steph at like Summerslam or WM.

10. What would your finishing move be?
Either a Tornado DDT or something a bit like Dirty Deeds.

11. Who would you like to see back in the ring? Why?
I got my wish when Jericho came back. He’s one of my favourite wrestlers (bar Shawn) and he’s just such a good worker.

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From Myles Kennedy’s Twitter (March 19, 2014):

1st vocal done. Slash, Brent & Todd’s tracks sound amazing. Couldn’t be happier with how things sound.

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